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Environmental Science


General area: Environmental sciences

Specific area: Environmental sciences

Duration of studies: 6 semesters

Places (summer 2021): 13 places tuition-free, 12 places contributing to tuition

Tuition fee: 250 EUR/year

Registration fee: 70 RON


The purpose of the preparation is the multidisciplinary knowledge and the ability to cultivate science, to solve global and local nature issues and thus to help create a healthy environment. Research activity of the students, the vocation of the teachers, the modern laboratory equipment creates the conditions for a high-level education, research and the training practices.

Basic Subjects:

After acquiring the basic disciplines of the first two years (general and environment physics, general and environment chemistry, animal and plant biology, general ecology, geography and geology) students can choose from laboratory, field study or impact study disciplines.

Employment Possibilities:

As the EU deals with regulations on environmental protection, it provides many employment opportunities in public institutions (city or county councils), inspectorates of environmental protection, public hygiene institutes, environment laboratories, nongovernmental organizations or companies (as environment adviser), education or research institutions.

Special Events Organized by the Department:

Environmental Science Conference of the Carpathian Basin held annually, student communication sessions, Academic evenings and workshops offer students the possibility of presenting the work and research, knowledge of European environmental problems, exchange experience with specialists from home and abroad.

Special Studies Travel, Practice:

On study trips (Budapest, Debrecen) students are given the opportunity to make acquaintance with research work in other universities abroad, which may mean a future connection to European environmental research. During the practice field (Greece, Tureni, Turda reservations, National Park Becas - Hăşmaş, Transylvania highway junctions, etc.) students gain knowledge in the collection, storage and processing of environmental samples (air, soil, water, flora, fauna , etc.)

Admission Criteria:

  1. Baccalaureat grades - 100%

Calendar of Events

January 2021