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Film, Photography, Media


General Area: Arts

Specific Area: Film and media

Duration: 6 semesters

Places (autumn 2021): 12 places tuition-free, 13 places contributing to tuition

Tuition fee: 350 EUR/year

Registration fee: 100 RON


We welcome young people eager to learn about the art of cinema, who like photography or video and have already tried, or want to develop a career in this field. If you choose to study on this specialization, you will be able to deepen your knowledge in the art film. You learn to shoot, paint scenes, write or become an operator.
After the first year of basic education, you can choose from three specializations:

  • Director of film and television
  • Operator of television and film
  • Multimedia communication (scriptwriting, advertising, film theory).

Even the first year shall be a way of teaching theory and practice.

Basic Subjects:

History, theory and analysis of film, photography, cultural history, scriptwriting, and dramaturgy, directing and image workshops.

Employment Possibilities:

Licensees of the specialization can become directors and film or television operators, editors of TV shows can be employed by advertising agencies and in print or electronic media.

Special Events Organized by the Department:

  1. applications inside the domain
  2. student communication sessions
  3. the Department is co-organizer of "FFeST" student film festival
  4. international media and video conference, organized annually by the Department in order to provide an opportunity for affirmation of young researchers, teachers or students

Special Studies Travel, Practice:

Summer practice is held each year in a creative camp in a picturesque place around Cluj.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Oral examination - 50% written exam (60 minutes)
    1. Bibliography: textbooks, any encyclopedia.
    2. Exclusive, the lowest pass mark: 5
    3. Measures the capacity of creativity, photographic vision. With questions, we test image orientation in culture and film history, audiovisual communication ability, etc.
    4. If applicant already has a previous activity in accordance with the requirements of specialization, can make their photos (up to 5 pieces) or movies (on VHS tape, CD or DVD, 15 minute maximum length), film critics published in newspapers or magazines, publications in multimedia, HTML page in operation or plan of flash website. Presenting these elements is not compulsory and it is not a condition to passing the exam.
  2. Analysis of film (written) - 50%

Calendar of Events

January 2021