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International Relations and European Studies


General Aria: Social and Political Sciences

Specific area: International Relations, European Studies

Duration of study: 6 semesters

Places (summer 2021): 23 tuition-free places, 7 places contributing to tuition

Tuition fee: 250 EUR/an

Registration fee: 70 RON


Graduates can be employed in various institutions, so training in many areas is essential. So, students can gain deeper knowledge in setting up the European Union, its law and institutions. The other part of the courses focus on the functioning of state bodies, from local to central. Also, the focus is on minority and regional issues.

Basic Subjects:

Introduction to political science, history and international relations theory, European and international institutions, international law, public and private global economy, general sociology, modern and contemporary history of Europe, history of European political thought.

The study of languages is essential, so we teach in additional hours the English, French and German.

Employment Possibilities:

Due to training, students acquire extensive knowledge in several areas that provides almost certain employment in the area. Romania's EU accession, training and employment opportunities in EU institutions have multiplied. The awarded specialization of International relations, European studies, can be applied successfully to most of them.

Events Organized by the Department:

One of the most important events is the European Union Day. On those days, we present lectures on the European Union. In this event, we ensure students the possibility to present their work.

Study Trips, Practice:

Each year a study tour in Brussels is organized. Its aim is that each student to meet the EU institutions, to meet people and see the capital of Europe. The practice of summer camp is the EU Camp in Tusnad where students can taste the opportunity to exchange experiences with other young people in different areas, not to mention fun.

Special Scholarships:

Ferber Miklós, Professor of Faculty of Technology Industry at the "Eastern Michigan" helps the Sapientia University from the beginning as patron of the specialization of International relations, European studies. Due to its aid, faculty could launch a $ 500 scholarship per year.

Admission Criteria:

  1. Motivational conversation: obligatory
  2. Baccalaureate exam grade - 100%

Calendar of Events

January 2021