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Conference on Minority Representation and Minority Language Rights - MIREMIR
11-14 October 2012, Cluj/Kolozsvár
Sapientia University

The venue of the conference is Sapientia University, str. Matei Corvin nr. 4. (click on the address to find it on Google Maps). The panel sessions will take place in Óváry room (ground floor), the receptions in the lobby of the University.

There will be 15 minutes for each presentation, followed by 10 minutes discussion. Panel chairs will be announced in the final version of the program, to be distributed to the participants upon arrival.

Thursday, October 11

1830Registration and opening reception

Friday, October 12

900-920Opening of the conference
István HORVÁTH, László MARÁCZ, Márton TONK
920-1100Session 1: Language Rights, Language Policies, Language Practices I
István HORVÁTH (Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities)
 CONSTANTIN, Sergiu (Institute for Minority Rights, EURAC Bolzano/Bozen, IT):
Language Rights in Central Europe: from Law in the Books to Law in Action
PRINA, Federica (European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg, DE):
Language Policies or Language Politics? The Case of Moldova
WARDYN, Łukasz (European Foundation of Human Rights, Vilnius, LT):
Minority Language Rights Protection in Lithuania. A Case Study
1100-1120Coffee break
1120-1300Session 2: Language Rights, Language Policies, Language Practices II
Pieter van der PLANK (University of Groningen)
 BALLA, Mónika, BULJANOVIĆ, Sandra (University of Belgrade, SB), ILIĆ, Marija (Institute for Balkan Studies SASA, SB):
Between the Word of Law and Practice: The Case of Hungarian Speakers in Serbia
BERÉNYI-KISS, Hajnalka (Universität Wien, AT):
Who needs Hungarian? A Case Study on Hungarian-speakers in Austria
MARTON, Éva-Carmen (Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, RO):
Code Mixing and Code Switching of Romanian-Hungarian Bilingual Communities in Transylvania
1300-1445 Lunch Break
1445-1600Session 3: Language Rights, Language Policies, Language Practices III
Chair: Pieter van der PLANK (University of Groningen)
 XHAFERI, Hamit, RRED, Gëzim & Xhaferi, Nerita (South East European University, Skopje, MK):
The Linguistic Rights of the Cham Minority (Albanian) in Greece
TÜRK, Fahri (Trakya University, Edirne, TR) & KARAMUCHO, Sencar (Directorate for Protection and Rescue, Republic of Kosovo):
The Language Rights of the Turkish Minority in Kosovo
NAJVIRTOVA, Andrea & BUREMA, Lars (European Centre for Minority Issues, Flensburg, DE):
Assessing Minority Language Rights in Kosovo
1600-1620 Coffee Break
1620-1800Session 4: Minority Rights - Historical and International Legal Perspectives
Chair: Radu LUPESCU (Sapientia University)
 MARÁCZ, László (University of Amsterdam, NL):
Minority Language Rights in Europe: from Habsburg to the Supranational Organizations
PLANK, Pieter van der (University of Groningen, NL):
Minority Right Legislation in the Interwar Period, as a Prologue to the Present Day European Convention and Charter of Minority Rights
BETHLENDI, András (Babeş–Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, RO):
The Problematic of Collective Rights in the Protection of National Minorities
MURÁDIN, János (Sapientia University, Cluj-Napoca, RO):
Being in Minority or Majority? The Transylvanian Party in the Hungarian Public Life between 1940–1944

Saturday, October 13

900-1040Session 5: Autonomy Models and Minority Self-government in Europe
László MARÁCZ (University of Amsterdam)
 SZILÁGYI, István (University of Pécs, HU):
Catalonia’s Experiencies for the Carpathian Basin
DOMONKOS, Endre (Budapest Business School, HU):
The Catalan Regional Autonomy and its Experiences in Central and Eastern Europe
NÉMETH, Ádám & LÉPHAFT, Áron (University of Pécs, HU)
Ethnic Structure and Minority Rights in the interwar and post-Soviet Estonia and Latvia
1040-1100 Coffee Break
1100-1310Session 6: Electoral Politics and the Representation of Minorities
Sergiu CONSTANTIN (European Academy of Bolzano/Bozen)
 FLORES JUBERÍAS, Carlos  (University of Valencia, ES)
Electoral Systems and National Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe: A Dilemma in Five Paradigms Revisited
MATICHESCU, Marius (Universitatea de Vest, Timişoara, RO)
Recruit or Ignore? Mainstream Parties and Ethnic Minority Candidates in Romania
POP, Lia (University of Oradea, RO)
The Two Elites and the Progress in Political Self Representation of Rroma People in 2012 Elections
1310-1500Lunch Break
1500-1710Session 7: Ethnocultural Diversity – Management, Perceptions, Experiences
Lia POP (University of Oradea)
 KOLLER, Inez Zsófia (University of Pécs, HU)
Ethnic Minorities and Censuses
JANISZEWSKI, Piotr (University of Gdańsk, PL):
The German Minority in Contemporary Poland - From Isolation to Political Relevance
SZILÁGYI, Szilárd (University of Bucharest, RO)
The Alevi-Bektaşi Religious Group of Turkey. Its History and Today
1710-1730Conclusions, closing of the conference
István HORVÁTH, László MARÁCZ, Márton TONK
1730-1830Getting to know Cluj
A guided walking tour of the city centre
1830Closing reception

Sunday, October 14

800Trip to Negreni fair / Feketetói vásár. Meeting in the front of Sapientia University.


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