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Cluj-Napoca has an International Airport and an International Railway Station also. Through lines can be booked to Cluj-Napoca from most European Cities.

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Cluj Napoca Airport is located at an 8 km distance from the city, so it is easy and fairly cheap to get to the center by taxi or bus. In front of both the airport and the railway station there are usually lots of taxis waiting. We would recommend that you take one of the following companies: Pritax, Terra&Fan, Rapid. Do not take no-name cabs, they might try to overprice the ride. Also do not accept offers by drivers walking towards you with a smiley face inside the airport or the railway station. Rather walk out and find a car yourself. It should be easy, even at night, though at the aiport this might also depend on the time of arrival.

The distance to the city center from the airport is about 8 km, that should be around 30 lei (6-8 Euro). The railway station is much closer to the center, around 2 km, so the trip should not cost more than 10-12 RON (max. 3 euro). Euro should be accepted by most taxi drivers, though they might do it only at a slightly overpriced exchange rate. But the best is to ask before getting into the car.

The bus from the airport to the city center is number 8. You should travel to the terminal station, Piata Mihai Viteazu. From the railway station, bus number 9 goes closest to the centre of the city. None of the buses go very frequently, for 9 it should be something like every 10 minutes, 8 is a bit even less frequent.

Buses are operating between 5 AM and 23 PM. Tickets can be bought in most of the bus stops. A ticket for two trips costs 3,5 RON (around 0,8 euro, but here they won't accept Euro).

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