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Two new issues of the review of the Department of Law have been published

We recommend the 3rd and 4th issues of the Transylvanian Law review

In issue 3, the professional forum deals with contemporary legal issues in Romanian-Hungarian relations. We can read about the topicality of the Minority Act, the ''right to homeliness'', the language of minority rights protection, the case of the Cluj-Napoca table and other legal aspects of the Romanian-Hungarian relationship. The issue is available online here.
The authors of issue 4 review labor law and related challenges in the first quarter of the 21st century, such as artificial intelligence, digitalisation, employment of prisoners, unconditional basic income, and so on. The issue is available online here.
The journal Transylvanian Law is a professional forum published four times a year under the supervision of Sapientia EMTE and the Scientia Publishing House. The already published issues are also available on the journal's website:

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