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'Tonk Sándor' Library

The Library of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Sapientia University was established in 2003. Since the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 the library is located on the 6th floor of the new university building on Calea Turzii 4, offering a spectacular view over the city. Since May 2005 the library has been named after the founding rector of the University: Tonk Sándor, he was also the first president of the Sapientia Foundation.

Most of the documents in the library consist of university textbooks, journals and specialist books required for the specialisations of Environmental Geography, Environmental Science, Film, Photography, Media, International Relations and European Studies, Diplomacy, Law, and Performing Arts (Choreography). The library has a reading room as well as books and other documents that can be borrowed.

The main duty of the library is to provide students with the study material and bibliography necessary for the teaching staff of the university. The subscribed journals serve to raise the level of education in the institution.

Currently the library has 28795 books and journals, and about 1,000 audio-visual documents can be consulted on the computers available in the reading room. The library's holdings are continually growing, with approximately 1,000-1,300 volumes added each year, partly through the purchase of new books, partly through donations and library exchange programs.

Computers with internet access are also used for educational purposes - catalogue and database use, for ex. EISZ (Wiley Online Library, Web of Science, Taylor & Francis Online, SpringerLink, SocINDEX, Science Magazine, Sage,Oxford University Press Journals, ProQuest, Nature, Legal Source, Cambridge University Press Journal  etc.), Arcanum and EBSCO.

Specialisation areas:

  • Cultural theory
  • Social sciences
  • European studies
  • Natural sciences
  • Film, Photo, Media
  • Literature
  • History
  • Diplomacy
  • Law


Sapientia EMTE

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania is the independent university of the Hungarian community in Romania, which aims at providing education to the members of our community and performing scientific research on a high professional level. 


Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Cluj-Napoca

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